About Life Groups

We’ll be there for you.

God never meant for you to do life alone. In this unique time, connection to other believers is as imperative as ever. Our PEARL Team wants to see every person in a LifeGroup, because we want every person to thrive spiritually! You’ll grow through the relationships. You’ll grow through the Bible learning. You’ll grow through the service and prayer. You’ll stand stronger in this uncertain time as you draw from the life of God in other believers.

LifeGroup Info At A Glance:

  • Groups are open to anyone (PEARL attenders or people who have never attended a church).
  • Fall LifeGroups start the week of September 19.
  • At this time, we are planning for all Fall LifeGroups to meet online and in person.
  • Groups will be smaller, usually a dozen or fewer.

If you have questions about groups contact , Neels Loots, neelsl@rcapearl.com, or call the church office at 060 320 3642 .

Let’s f ind victory TOGETHER!