PEARL Growth Track

The Growth Track at PEARL is designed with you in mind. The Growth Track is a step-by-step process that gives you the opportunity to find out how to connect here at PEARL, how to grow spiritually, how to share the hope of Jesus with your world, and how to plug in to an area of service that fits with your gifts and personality.

Discover Your Redemptive Purpose and Live the Life God Created for You

We are excited about what God is doing at PEARL, and we are excited that you are exploring what God has in store for you here. Growth Track is a fantastic way to find out more about PEARL, more about God, and to find out more about yourself.

Register for the August Growth Track

The PEARL Growth Track is designed to equip you to take your next steps in your walk with God. Find out more about RCA PEARL and how we can partner for growth and impact. Growth Track is designed so you can do all FOUR steps in one month or over a couple months. If you’re looking for a Next Step to grow in what God has for you, Growth Track is it!


Experience God

You are loved by a God who is real.


Be the Church

You have an important place in God’s family, the church.


Impact Your World

You were made to make a difference.

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Empower One Another

You have God-given influence.


Four sessions in August via Teams.

  • Session 1, August 2 from 7-8pm:
    Experience God | You Are Loved by a God Who is Real
  • Session 2, August 9 from 7-8pm:
    Be the Church | You Have an Important Place in God’s Family, the Church
  • Session 3, August 16 from 7-8pm:
    Impact Your Word | You Were Made to Make a Difference
  • Session 4, August 23 from 7-8pm:
    Empower One Another | You Have God-Given Influence*

*During week 4 you’ll have the option to become an official member of RCA PEARL Church if you have completed all 4 sessions of the Growth Track.


At PEARL, we believe prayer connects us to the heart and purposes of God. We acknowledge and understand its effectiveness. We continue to witness countless changes and powerful miracles within the lives of our church family, local communities, and beyond.

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